Infection prevention and infectiology









Infection prevention and infectiology


  • Extensive content on various bacteria, viruses and fungi for an interactive conference appearance

Infection prevention:

  • Several information materials on scientific studies
  • Regular newsletter contributions and articles for a company magazine on various topics, such as virological and microbiological topics
  • Review on practical recommendations for routine cleaning and disinfection in healthcare facilities Full text
  • Original article on the processing of semi-critical medical devices
  • Review on factors influencing nosocomial infections
  • Review on the definition of resistance vs. tolerance in relation to disinfectants and antibiotics Full text
  • Original article on the use of disinfectant dispensers depending on their location Full text
  • Various website articles and white papers

Infectious diseases:

  • Simulated patient case on influenza vaccines for an interactive eLearning platform
  • Short article on the influenza infection season for a company magazine
  • Several simulated patient cases on the management of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in HIV for an interactive eLearning platform
  • Short article on emerging zoonotic diseases such as West Nile virus

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