Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Abstract and poster for a scientific congress
  • Manuscript on resource consumption and social costs
  • Scientific validity report for an innovative non-invasive test

Multiple sclerosis:

  • Advisory board reports on the treatment of relapsing forms of MS
  • Extensive online content for customizable patient information

Niemann Pick type C:

  • Slide review and presentation flow during a medical congress


  • Several extensive medical training slide decks

Parkinson’s disease:

  • Several newsletter articles on various topics such as medication and diagnostics in the scope of a multi-channel marketing project

Peripheral neuropathy:

  • Several extensive medical training slide decks
  • Publications on the quality of life and the effectiveness of a preparation
  • Review on the role of neurotropic B vitamins for nerve regeneration Full text
  • Review on the biochemical mechanisms of action of neurotropic B vitamins in the nervous system Full text
  • Review of the safety profiles of neurotropic B vitamins Full text
  • Various short articles and study summaries
  • Study protocol for an intervention study
  • Study report and manuscript for an epidemiological study on prevalence in the general population

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